mr. S.A. (Simone) Frugte-van Dijk

mr. S.A. (Simone) Frugte-van Dijk

legal assistant


Simone focuses on notarial business law. Her experience covers a wide range of restructurings, mergers, divisions, take overs and joint ventures. She also regularly works for associations and foundations.

Simone is one of the senior staff at TRIP Law. Loyal to both her practice and her clients, her extensive experience has meant she has built up a diverse network of clients. This means she is able to help businesses and entrepreneurs look for and find successful solutions to the business law challenges they face. Simone aims to deal with complex legal matters in as simple a way as possible and is very approachable for the parties she represents.


Management Consultancy, Restructuring and Insolvency

Mergers & Acquisitions

Business Law


Banks, Insurers and Business Services


Dutch Law University of Groningen


Board member of the Rotary Club Drachten

Member of the Commercial Club Leeuwarden

Member of the Business Breakfast Club Leeuwarden



What Simone can help you with: