mr. S.S.F. (Stephanie) van Renswoude

mr. S.S.F. (Stephanie) van Renswoude



Stephanie works in an area where business law and general contract law overlap. In her practice, the emphasis lies on providing legal guidance during business takeovers and representing business clients caught up in or on the verge of contract disputes.

Customisation from the start can prevent problems later, which is why Stephanie believes it is important for her to become familiar with her clients and their businesses. Sometimes a dispute cannot be prevented and, in these cases, it is important to establish the relevant fact and apply the law to these points. Finding the pieces of a puzzle and then putting them together is what drew Stephanie to law even at a very young age. She is an extremely loyal lawyer with a great sense of empathy.

Year of swearing-in



Management Consultancy, Restructuring and Insolvency

Mergers & Acquisitions

International Business

Business Law


Banks, Insurers and Business Services



Dutch Law University of Groningen

Specialist course in business law, De Juridische Academie


Member of the Groningen legal society 'Pro Excolendo lure Patrio'


Dutch & English

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