B. (Bianca) Kuiper

B. (Bianca) Kuiper

insolvency assistant


Bianca specialises primarily in national and international shipping practices. She advises clients in the purchase and sale of ships, the registration or deletion of seagoing vessels in the Dutch Shipping Register and the creation or cancellation of mortgage rights. In addition, she assists civil-law notaries and junior civil-law notaries in drawing up the necessary documents.

Bianca has worked for TRIP Law since 1997. Following a digression into insolvency law, she expanded her specialism into shipping practices as, while on the insolvency law team, she mainly dealt with winding up shipowner liquidations. She continues to carry out this field of work with the insolvency practitioner. Bianca is meticulous and likes to work closely with the client.


Management Consultancy, Restructuring and Insolvency

Business Law


Banks, Insurers and Business Services

Shipping Industry


Schoevers Management

Secretary programme Stichting Opleiding Medewerkers in het Notariaat


Dutch & English

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