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TRIP Advocaten Notarissen

We’ve been around for a long time. A very long time. As one of the oldest firms in the north of the Netherlands, TRIP is a trusted name in the region.


Knowing that your question is in the right hands gives peace of mind. It’s what motivates us and keeps us going – and has done for more than eighty years. Now with over eighty talented, ambitious lawyers and civil-law notaries, our firm advises and represents government authorities, healthcare and educational institutions, businesses, directors and entrepreneurs. Applying our knowledge, we want to help our clients move on in a complex society that demands sustainable solutions. We aim for high quality service and high quality employership. And together we get the best results.

Practical advice

Our services are based on our pragmatic approach. You won’t get long, theoretical analyses from us, but practical advice you can apply immediately. And, of course, realistic advice, based on a thorough knowledge of the case and analytical insights. Our clients value our diplomatic style and although we are happy to fight for you, we will avoid long and costly proceedings if we can. After all, the different parties often have to continue on together after a dispute.


Our added value is not in the walls of our offices, but with the legal specialists that have become connected to us. The individual qualities and experience of your lawyer or civil-law notary determine our joint success, and paramount to this is the maintenance of a meaningful, personal and sustainable working relationship with our clients. We attach great importance to an informal work environment that enables each person to develop, and we encourage involvement in the community, for instance by making time and money available.

We are at the centre of our community. In fact, being involved in the community and locally is one of our driving forces – and it is about more than just legal matters.
About community work
TRIP is managed by a delegation of partners. The members of our executive board take care of the day-to-day running of the business including regarding business support and our facilities services.
About our board
All the information you possibly might need to know about TRIP, in one overview.
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Additional services

We like to do more. Which is why we offer our knowledge and experience by providing in-house lawyers, civil-law notaries, courses, second opinions and legal quick scans.

You need to be sure that your case or question is in good hands. Which is why our lawyers are recorded on the Netherlands Bar’s register of legal practice areas and why TRIP Law works with clear protocols. If you think something is not going right, then we, again, have clear rules and procedures.

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