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Shipping Industry

Shipping Industry

Things are often done that little bit differently in the shipping industry – that’s not something we need to tell you as shipping company, shipowner or shipbuilder. And as broker or investor in the shipping industry, you know very well that this industry is a world in itself. A world in which legal issues can be different to those on shore. TRIP Law is on hand to give you expert advice.

Different rules, different issues

Perhaps it is our close connection to the Northern Netherlands that makes us so familiar with the shipping industry. The northern provinces have, after all, a strong tradition of shipping. It is a dynamic sector in which cross-border aspects nearly always play a role, and it is this dynamic that makes your industry so great. It can also mean legal issues are very specific. Our offices have over thirty years’ experience of providing legal advice to the shipping industry, including regarding national and international ship transfers and registration, limited partnerships, shipping finance, shipping bankruptcies and of course more established ‘wet’ cases such as cargo damage.

At home with the shipping industry

Our sector team of lawyers is happy to provide clear and practical advice on:

  • national and international ship transfers
  • shipping finance, limited partnerships and shipping bankruptcies
  • creating mortgages on ships
  • cargo damage
  • liability and insurance matters
  • restructuring and refinancing

The assurance of advice that will work

If you need help on any of the areas listed above, or if you need other legal advice regarding the shipping industry, then feel free to contact one of the sector experts at TRIP Law. We’ll then discuss your issue and the right approach, so that we know which specialist is best for you and so you know what to expect. Together, we get the best results.

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