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A lawyer or civil-law notary at TRIP Law Leeuwarden, in the largest city of Friesland, can help you with sound legal advice and knows their way in a wide range of industries and sectors. You’ll find our lawyers in Friesland on the Wiardaplantage in the west of the city of Leeuwarden. Whether you are government, business, non-profit or a private individual needing advice, there is always a lawyer in Leeuwarden who is happy to help and can be easily reached from the Drachtsterweg.

If you need a lawyer in Friesland for legal support or you would like to call in a civil-law notary in Leeuwarden, or even if advice in a short, free phone call is enough, please feel free to contact us.

Contact details

TRIP Advocaten Notarissen Leeuwarden

Address: Wiardaplantage 9, 8939 AA Leeuwarden
Post address: Postbus 17, 8900 AA Leeuwarden
Phone: 058 234 73 47
Fax: 058 212 60 29 (lawyers)
Fax: 058 213 11 77 (notary)