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International Business

International Business

Opportunities abound abroad and more and more of our clients operate in international waters. However, carrying out business internationally carries additional challenges. What regulations do you need to consider on the other side of the border and how do you obtain redress in a conflict with an overseas supplier. TRIP Law is on hand to give you expert advice.

Doing business abroad

You can do business in practically any country. Supply chains spread across the globe are no exception, but with each country you deal with, you have another set of laws to consider. No one expects you to know all this legislation, which is why our team collaborates with law firms in other countries, so that we are quickly up to date with current regulations.

At home in international business

Our team of lawyers is happy to provide clear and practical advice on:

  • contracts with foreign parties
  • distraints and procedures abroad
  • international mergers and acquisitions
  • customs and sanctions law
  • deployment of workers from other countries, including in the EU

The assurance of advice that will work

If you need help on any of the areas listed above, or if you need other legal advice concerning international business, then feel free to contact one of the sector experts at TRIP Law. We’ll then discuss your issue and the right approach, so that we know which specialist is best for you and so you know what to expect. Together, we get the best results.

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