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ICT & Technology

ICT & Technology

Your data in the Cloud, everything connected through the Internet of Things, drones, Artificial Intelligence… a while ago these were just concepts but now, they are indispensable technology. Technology that has an impact on our day-to-day lives and our rights. TRIP Law is on hand to give you expert advice.

New technology, new issues

New technology makes our lives easier but also present legal challenges. For instance, how do you guarantee the continuity of business operations when using the Cloud, and is your customers’ and employees’ personal data sufficiently protected? And how do you protect your own software or technological innovations? Our specialised sector team knows how to handle these issues so you are not alone in the digital world.

At home with ICT and technology

Our sector team of lawyers is happy to provide clear and practical advice on:

  • drawing up and reviewing IT contracts such as outsourcing and implementation contractions, Cloud and SaaS contracts, SLAs and licence terms
  • intellectual property such as trademark rights, trade name law,  copyright, domain names, trade secrets and patents
  • privacy and processing of personal data

The assurance of advice that will work

If you need help on any of the areas listed above, or if you need other legal advice concerning ICT and technology, then feel free to contact one of the sector experts at TRIP Law. We’ll then discuss your issue and the right approach, so that we know which specialist is best for you and so you know what to expect. Together, we get the best results.

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