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Administrative Law

Administrative Law

As a government authority, you do your best to take everybody into consideration in as far as is possible. The guiding principle is that decisions are for the common good, but this can cause difficult situations. Inevitably you will occasionally be in opposition to the general public and businesses, but the general good must outweigh individual interests. How do you deal with this properly? TRIP Law is on hand to give you expert advice.

Rules of the game for government

Administrative law is an extensive field of law: complex and, like our society, continually changing. Our administrative lawyers are therefore familiar not only with their own particular field but also work closely with specialists from other fields, such as competition law, state aid law, procurement law and business law. As preferred lawyers for a number of larger government authorities and semi-public organisations in the north of the Netherlands, we have extensive experience with the substantive and procedural complexity of the subject matter, and we are fully aware of the social impact of our projects. Our team therefore adds to the quality, the care and the proportionality of your government task.

At home with administrative law

Our team of lawyers is happy to provide clear and practical advice on:

  • procedural administrative law
  • permits, surveillance and enforcement
  • public order and safety
  • environmental and planning law and Services Directive
  • the Public Enterprises (Market Activities) Act
  • privacy and data protection
  • the Government Information (Public Access) Act
  • subsidy regulations
  • education buildings and regulations
  • administrative law in healthcare

The assurance of advice that will work

If you need help on any of the areas listed above, or if you need other legal advice concerning administrative law, then feel free to contact one of the sector experts at TRIP Law. We’ll then discuss your issue and the right approach, so that we know which specialist is best for you and so you know what to expect. Together, we get the best results.

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