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Lifelong learning. We’re seeing it more and more often in policy documents – and rightly so. Continuous personal development is essential in order to keep up with society, but how do you shape policy when the field has so many challenges, such as digitalisation, teacher shortages and performance standards? TRIP Law can give you the right expert advice.

Legal organisation of education

Whether it concerns a primary school or university, our lawyers and civil-law notaries are happy to apply their expertise and experience to resolve the legal issues you face. Our team specialising in education is regularly asked to help with labour disputes, reorganisations, tenders and the formation of joint ventures and legal corporate structures. Without the use of vague, woolly language, but with clear advice you can really put to use, you get solutions that are quick to implement and mean you can get on with what you do best: providing high-quality education.

At home with education

Our sector team of lawyers is happy to provide clear and practical advice on:

  • the restructuring of educational institutions
  • disputes between boards of directors and supervisory boards
  • establishing joint ventures
  • co-determination processes
  • employment contracts and the use of freelancers
  • pension issues
  • negotiating contracts (ICT and otherwise)
  • tendering procedures

The assurance of advice that will work

If you need help with any of the issues above, or if you need other legal advice concerning education, then feel free to contact one of the sector experts at TRIP Law. We’ll then discuss your issue and the right approach, so that we know which specialist is best for you and so you know what to expect. Together, we get the best results.

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