mr. J.P. (Jildou) van der Werf

mr. J.P. (Jildou) van der Werf



Jildou is specialised in family and inheritance law. Her aim is to resolve complex disputes quickly and effectively in divorce, alimony, and settlements after divorce, custody, access and disputes between heirs.

Jildou is a driven and discerning lawyer. She is to the point and committed and sets high standards in her work. Her background in taxes has given her strong financial analytical skills and she speaks on a par with the entrepreneur and the accountant. Jildou: “It is always a challenge to get the best results for a client and find out what is necessary to achieve that. Every case is customised.” Jildou enjoys negotiations and is an experienced mediator with extensive experience in litigation.

Year of swearing-in



Inheritance Law & Estate Planning

Family Law


Dutch and Tax Law University of Groningen

IMFO Legal specialisation accreditation course in family law (2006)

IMFO specialisiation accreditation course in divorce meditation (2010)

IMFO specialisation accreditation course in inheritance law, cum laude (2014)


Member of the Association of Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (vFas)

Regional coordinator vFAS


Dutch & English

What Jildou can help you with: