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J.P. (Judith) Scholte

J.P. (Judith) Scholte

administrator for debt restructuring


As administrator for the Debt Restructuring (Natural Persons) Act, Judith is responsible for ensuring that obligations arising from a debt restructuring scheme are observed. She is also charged with the administration and liquidation of the estate, reports on the progress and liaises with the creditors, debtors and third parties.

In a social, approachable and transparent way, Judith ensures the interest of the creditors are represented. She also tries to motivate the debtor so that the examining magistrate will advise positively at the end of the debt restructuring scheme and grant a clean slate. And finally, Judith is a management consultant for liquidations and advises on requests for debt restructuring, postponement of payment, amicable settlements and compulsory compositions. In liquidation cases, she assists the insolvency practitioner in ensuring proper treatment


Debt Restructuring & Support

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