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In-house lawyers and civil-law notaries

In-house lawyers and civil-law notaries

Legal work is often complex, changeable and time-consuming. We understand very well that your organisation does not always have enough expertise or manpower to take on, often additional, work in a timely and competent manner. Our lawyers, civil-law notaries and paralegals can therefore, temporarily if needed, work for you onsite. This is an especially good solution if:

  • you temporarily need additional or particular expertise for projects
  • there is a peak in your activities
  • your normal legal expert is unavailable due to leave or illness
  • your organisation would like to implement quality improvements such as optimising your procedures, including objection procedures, or updating your contracts

Our in-house legal experts are an extension to your legal department. They are accustomed to working on location and therefore know how they can quickly be of added value. What’s more, we ensure enough knowledge is left with you so that your organisation can continue to operate optimally. Naturally, our agreements are clear and suited to your specific situation. For more information, please contact Astrid van der Boogh or Joris Bonjer.

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